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Requirements for Disability Documentation & Short Term/Temporary Accommodations

Students requesting accommodations at RUSH University must submit documentation of their disability. Eligibility for services and reasonable accommodations are determined holistically in light of disability documentation, student report of how their condition impacts them, perceived need for accommodations, history of accommodations (if any) and program requirements including technical standards. Lack of accommodations history or specific documentation should not prevent a student from making a request for accommodations

Please review the requirements listed below, the Office of Student Accessibility Services may request additional documentation to support an accommodation request if needed. Practitioners may also complete the Clinician Documentation Form that will be sent directly to the Director of Student Accessibility Services. The Office of Student Accessibility Services does not provide diagnostic services, students are responsible for providing their own documentation for review. 

Required information

The following information must be present on all submitted documentation provided to the Office of Student Accessibility Services.

Student information

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • College and program

Certifying health professional information

  • Name
  • Professional title
  • Address
  • Licensing credential, number and state
  • Reports should include date of assessment, date of letter and should be on professional letterhead. 


Documentation requirements by category