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General Guidelines

In an emergency situation, do the following

  • Assess the situation.
  • Address life-threatening issues (first aid, victim safety, physical surroundings, etc.).
  • Call Rush Security immediately.
  • Provide “status” information.
  • Verify/check information.
  • Follow emergency procedures.
  • If it is safe to do so, warn students/others, if advised.
  • Refer media to Rush Media Relations.
  • Definitions to be aware of:
    • Evacuation: safely and efficiently leaving an area of threat or risk to a designated “safe” location.
    • Shelter-in-place: taking cover in the location you are currently in, securing your own area and awaiting further instruction.

Rush security responsibilities

  • Verify information and notify University on call for activation of the incident command or other required response Rush University and respond to emergency.
  • Seal off high-risk areas and preserve scene.
  • Notify students, faculty and staff (depending on situation, students may be notified by faculty).
  • Assist in the evacuation of students and staff if necessary.
  • Notify community and local agencies if necessary.
  • Keep detailed notes of crisis event and complete reports.
  • If necessary, recommend shelter scenario or closure.
  • Refer media to Rush Media Relations.
  • Provide Rush University and appropriate parties with the most accurate and up to date information for dissemination through “emergency notifications” and “timely warnings.”