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Global Perspective


Global Perspective is a student-led organization that fosters a vibrant community of international, out-of-state, and in-state diversity-driven Rush students. Our student group represents a collective voice for international and domestic students alike and stimulates dialogue between individuals that have different backgrounds, cultures, traditions, and speak different languages. Global Perspective strongly believes that our differences only make us stronger, and we are committed to strengthening professional and personal bonds by means of cultural competence. We aim to provide guidance and support to international and out-of-state students who are new to Chicago, and we encourage leadership and participation of all Rush students who wish to learn about new cultures and countries.


Cultural Nights, Lunch and Learns with Rush alumni who are currently working abroad, presentations regarding Rush’s international initiatives, and “Day in the Life” panels with students from other countries are examples of some of the activities that Global Perspective organizes. Through these equity, diversity, and inclusion events, this organization strives to strengthen active listening, empathy, and compassion competencies.

Contact Information

Co-Presidents: Luisa Cedin and Madeleine Ryan

Advisors: Sara Bruhn-Hernandez, Records Registration Coordinator, International Student Services; Sonia Rincon, Associate University Registrar; Dr. Shital Shah, Faculty, Health Systems Management