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Utility Failure (Code Green)

  • For all utility emergencies, notify the hospital operations administrator on call at pager 7123 and RUSH Security at (312) 942-5678.
  • If evacuation of the building is required, exit using the stairways. Do not use elevators. Seek out persons needing assistance.
  • When mechanical ventilation is interrupted, vapors of chemicals may reach hazardous concentration levels. Laboratory personnel should secure experiments or activities that may present a danger when the electrical power is off, or when it is restored unexpectedly. Close sashes on fume hoods and clean up or put away chemicals. Notify the lab supervisor immediately.
  • Do not perform procedures using hazardous materials until power is restored.

Flooding or water break

  • If flooding occurs, stop using all electrical devices.
  • Notify RUSH Security and evacuate the area or building.

Gas leak

  • Cease all operations immediately and evacuate the area as soon as possible, notifying others as you leave.
  • Call RUSH Security.
  • Do not switch lights on or off. Do not take time to open windows or close doors.
  • Do not re-enter the building until cleared to do so by the fire department, police or security services.

People trapped in elevator

  • If you are trapped, use the emergency phone in the elevator or push the alarm button. Or use a wireless phone to call RUSH Security at (312) 942-5678. Wait for help to arrive. Remain calm.
  • If you discover trapped people, talk to them and try to keep them calm until an officer or other help arrives.