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Black Nursing Student Union (BNSU)


The Black Nursing Student Union (BNSU) aims to unite and center pre-licensure and post-licensure Black student nurses across the African diaspora, while providing a safe space for them to voice their concerns, feel both supported and empowered, and celebrate Black culture and success. This organization strives to coordinate activities that expand cultural and political awareness, promote community engagement and service within predominantly Black communities, and provoke intellectual and emotional stimulation in the development of future nurse leaders.


The BNSU will build community and collegiality amongst its members and with other cultural communities at Rush University and beyond to foster inclusion, belonging and equity.


  • Assist incoming Black students through navigation of university resources and serving as a liaison to academic support services and opportunities.
  • Create a safe space for relationship building, mentorship opportunities, collaboration to aid Black student nurses in their education.
  • Educate and increase the historical importance of the contributions of the African Diaspora in nursing and healthcare.
  • Form partnerships with other university student unions to collaborate, build friendships and improve participation in university enrichment activities.
  • Cultivate relationships with incoming, currently enrolled, and alumni graduates through mentorship opportunities to create networks of resources all members will be able to utilize at Rush and beyond.
  • Encourage community engagement and volunteer opportunities within the West, South and Southwest areas of Chicago with high populous Black communities.

Contact Information

President: Dominique Davis

Treasurer: Trena Burke 

Advisor: Dr. Angela Allen, Faculty RN, Community and Mental Health CON