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Assault/Violence (Code Grey)


  • Call Rush Security immediately and if safe, remain on scene until Rush Security arrives.
  • Do not interfere with combatants.
  • Issue verbal commands to stop or cease activity.
  • Make note of any weapons or witnesses to event.
  • Attend to victims, if possible.
  • If necessary, assist with dispersal of crowd.

If you are threatened by violence or a weapon on campus

  • Call Rush Security immediately.
  • Tell Rush Security who the suspect person is with a thorough description of the suspect, the location of the weapon and if any threats have been made.
  • Keep detailed notes of crisis event for responders. Take note of suspect with detailed description (height, weight, race, hair, clothing).
  • Provide secure sheltering if applicable.
  • Wait for “all clear” message from Rush Security before resuming activities.
  • If threatened by a weapon, do not try and disarm the person.
  • Back away and remain calm. Call Security to escalate to a code silver.