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RUSH Emergency Medicine Simulation Student Group (REMS)


Interested in taking what you’ve learned in the classroom and using it in a realistic environment? Want to have some fun in the RUSH ED in a low-stress environment with your classmates? Eager to practice medical decision making in complex patient care scenarios with guidance from practicing physicians?

The RUSH Emergency Medicine Simulation Student Group’s purpose is to host faculty proctored, hands-on simulated emergency medical scenarios to provide opportunities for students to apply and synthesize their education, practice complex real-time medical decision making, and gain exposure to team based collaborative medicine. Simulation workshops are centered around emergency medical scenarios, but the knowledge and skills utilized in the scenarios are not limited to emergency medicine.

The simulations are open to and beneficial for all students regardless of interest. The skills you will practice are applicable to many specialties (and great preparation for your clerkships!). No outside work is required prior to the workshops, no work is required after them. These are fun, low-stress, high-yield 1-hour sessions held 3-4 times a year.

Student involvement can vary and is at the member’s discretion. Feel free to attend simulation workshops as they interest you or join the leadership committee to help us plan and proctor simulation workshops.

Examples of Past Events

  • Decompensating Diabetic Ketoacidosis
  • Running a Code with a Team
  • Pyelonephritis and Sepsis

Contact Information

President: Katherine Sprengel
Vice President: Kira Palazzo
Advisor: Sara Hock, MD, CHSE, Simulation Director, Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine

Instagram: @rushemergencysim