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Cost of Attendance for 2021-2022

Your Rush experience will give you access to caring, experienced instructors and top-of-the-line facilities. The total cost of attendance may be funded through a variety of aid sources including grants, scholarships, various loan programs, and outside sources of aid. Students can accept any portion of their offered aid up to the maximum cost of attendance for the year. Students who are offered and accept loans to cover any portion of the cost of attendance will be expected to repay those loans under the appropriate loan program repayment terms. To ensure the quality of your education, the costs to attend Rush include the following items and assistance:

  • Tuition and fees are published annually by the Student Business Office. Your tuition will include a budgeted amount that should cover the hours you plan to take in the academic year. This is based on the published plan of study or the projected enrollment form (as applicable). If changes to your enrollment occur, this may result in a required aid adjustment.
  • A living allocation, which a student may receive based on the following:
    • Living at home with parents
    • Living in an off-campus home or apartment 

The calculated monthly living allocation is based on survey data from Rush University students as well as metropolitan-area data regarding average cost of living expenses. Living allocations are provided for the student only. Student loans are not meant to cover living expenses for other family members or dependents of the student. Please be aware that the living allocation is meant to cover not only rent, but also utilities, groceries, transportation and personal items.

The monthly living allocation for a student living off campus breaks down to an estimated amount for the following categories. These items listed under each category is by no means an exhaustive list as each student’s financial responsibilities may be different. 

Rent, utilities, etc. = $1,457 per month
Transportation (car repairs, insurance, gas, etc) = $380 per month
Miscellaneous (food, entertainment etc.) = $201 per month

  • Health insurance allocation: beginning the 2020-2021 academic year the health insurance allocation will be included as part of the student’s financial aid package with the exception of those students enrolled in Rush Medical College. For student enrolled in Rush Medical College the Health Insurance allowance is already included in your cost of tuition.  The allocation is based on the prior academic year rate. Additional information about the student health insurance can be found online.
  • A books and supplies allocation is included as part of the student financial aid package. The amount included is listed below for the current academic year.

Listed below are the per-student, monthly living allocations and annual book and supply allowances for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Living Allocation (effective 2021-2022)

Living situation Monthly living allowance
Home or apartment $2,450
At home with relatives $1,000

Book and supply allocation (effective 2021-2022)

Graduate and professional programs

Program First year Second year Third year Fourth year
Audiology $927 $1,014 $286 -
Speech-language pathology $1,680 $250 - -
Medical laboratory sciences $1,239 $526 - -
Clinical laboratory management $1,458 $490 - -
Clinical nutrition $477 $196 - -
Graduate college $210 $210 $210 $210
Graduate nursing (excluding generalist entry master’s) $918 $918 - -
Generalist entry master’s (Fall Term Starts) - See details below** (licensure exams) $1,749 $1,749 - -
GEM NCLEX Exams - $1,369 - -
Health systems management  $1,624 $814 - -
Occupational therapy (OTD) $2,610 $999 - -
Perfusion technology $1,419 - - -
Respiratory care $1,158 - - -
Physician assistant $1,353 $1,254 - -

Professional Program

Doctor of Medicine M1 M2 M3 M4
Rush Medical College book & supplies $1,047 $944 $1,445 $460
USMLE Step Exams (1, 2CK, 2CS) N/A $645 $2,026 N/A
Residency Interview Expenses (M4's Only) N/A N/A N/A $5,216
Core Clerkship/Away Rotation Related  N/A N/A $850 $850

****books and supplies are allocated per cohort and distributed equally between each payment period in the cohort. ****

Undergraduate programs

Program First year Second year Third year Fourth year
Health sciences $501 $334 - -
Imaging sciences $1,014 $882 - -
Vascular ultrasound $1,383 $206 - -

*the book and supply allowance is allocated based on individual student program of study and full-time year round enrollment. Revision 02/13/2020*

Other expenses that may be considered

Certain expenses, while not included in the standard cost of attendance, may be considered for increasing the cost of attendance based on a student appeal. These expenses must be incurred within the academic year that the student is requesting the increase. Students wishing to have these expenses considered as part of their cost of attendance should submit an appeal request via email or in writing to the Office of Student Financial Aid. Documentation should be provided (if applicable). 

Such expenses incurred within the academic year may include the following: