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Black Excellence


The Mission of Black Excellence (BE) is to acknowledge the history of systemic racial barriers as well as the trauma and hardships they continue to create. This organization strives to address the needs of Black students at Rush University. We are committed to creating opportunities for all students to heal, cope, and learn while engaging in a variety of activities.


Establish an atmosphere that fosters wellness, unity, academic excellence, professional development, self-value and acceptance.


1. Stimulate intellectual growth through social and educational programs/activities.

2. Promote positive images and beliefs of those of black descent.

3. Bring awareness to challenges and barriers embedded in the workplace, school, medical practices and more.

4. Engage and connect Black students from all colleges, undergraduate and graduate.

5. Increase confidence, self-love and a sense of belonging.

Contact Information

President: Jasmine Henderson-Dixon

Vice President: Deja Curry

Advisor: Kenya McGuire Johnson, PT, MA, Student Advisor and Career Development Coordinator, College of Health Sciences