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Men in Nursing


Men make up almost half of the population in the U.S. but continue to represent only 10% of nursing nationwide. With the impeding national nursing shortage, efforts toA badge displaying the name of the award "Best Schools for Men in Nursing" recruit and retain men in nursing are paramount. Given experiences of discrimination, bias, gender stereotypes, and feelings of isolation, nursing students who identify as men may be at higher risk for poor academic outcomes.

Men in Nursing at RUSH was initiated for RUSH University College of Nursing students and RUSH University Medical Center staff to meet, to discuss, and influence factors which affect men as nurses.



  1. Support men who are nurses, nursing students and potential nurses to grow professionally and demonstrate to each other and to society the increasing contributions made by men within the nursing profession.
  2. Encourage men of all ages to become nurses and join together with all nurses in strengthening and humanizing health care.
  3. Advocate for continued research, education and dissemination of information about men’s health issues, men in nursing, and nursing knowledge at the local and national levels.
  4. Support community outreach initiatives
  5. Support members’ full participation in the nursing profession and its organizations, and use the Chapter for the limited objectives stated above.



Membership is open to all RUSH University students. All gender identities are welcomed and encouraged!


Typical Events

  • Monthly Guest Speakers
  • Community Service opportunities
  • Professional Development
  • Networking with clinicians and nurse leaders at RUMC
  • Opportunities for Mentorship


Contact Information

Current Officers

  • Deshawn Jones, President
  • Derek Mui, Vice President
  • Christina Khorn, Secretary
  • John “Will” Marchionni, Treasurer
  • Mia Farris, Networking Liaison

Faculty Advisors