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Shelter/Evacuation Procedures (Code Purple)

Sheltering instructions

  • Rush University or Rush Security initiates shelter-in-place procedures.
  • Ensure all appropriate persons are inside buildings or rooms.
  • If possible, account for all persons in your designated area.
  • Secure doors and windows, if possible.
  • Keep all persons away from exposed windows and doors.
  • All persons are to remain in the secured area until “all clear” is declared by emergency personnel.

Evacuation instructions

  • Evacuation assembly locations have been determined for all buildings; review evacuation locations.
  • Occupants should use the nearest and safest exit after the order to evacuate has been given.
  • Occupants should avoid blocking entrance routes to buildings to allow emergency responders unhindered access.
  • Based on type of emergency, occupants may be instructed to evacuate farther from certain areas; please remain attentive to all emergency communications.
  • Remain calm at all times and follow established procedures for safe evacuation.