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Events and Awards


Each month, we host interprofessional events on campus that both celebrate and educate about our diversity across a wide spectrum of backgrounds and beliefs. Our co-curricular events are interactional and informative, and participants have the opportunity to earn continuing education units. These events are hosted by Student Affinity Group leaders and/or by the Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs office to enhance Rush University’s inclusive and welcoming climate.

We recognize a number of annual diversity, equity and inclusion events along with seminars on issues of unconscious bias, privilege, and microaggressions. Some events are annual while others are responsive to current issues. Types of events include:

  • Cross-Collaborative Awareness Events: Month, Week, or Day Awareness programming providing educational and/or celebratory events:
    • LGBT Pride Month
    • Hispanic Heritage Month
    • International Student Day
    • LGBT History Month
    • Sexual Assault Awareness Month
    • Accessibility & Accommodation Awareness Month
    • Jewish American Heritage Month
    • World Aids Day Week
    • Black History Awareness Month
    • Women International Day Awareness
    • Women’s History Month
  • Lunch-n-Learns: Events that provide professional development and continuing education units that span a broad scope of topics and speakers:
    • Faculty Mentorship programs
    • Student Affinity Group Introductory Meetings
    • Student Affinity Group Leadership Meetings
    • Student and Faculty Panels
    • Religious awareness events
    • Gender identity, Race, and Sexual Orientation
  • Diversity & Inclusion Seminars
    • Unpacking Unconscious Bias 6-part seminar
    • Diversity Week Privilege and Microaggression seminars
  • Other types of events:
    • Film Screenings
    • Student Recruitment and Pipeline programs

For more specific information on types of Student Affinity Groups and their programming go here.


Each year, inspirational students, residents and faculty are selected to receive a Diversity and Multicultural Leadership Award for their exceptional understanding of diversity and inclusiveness as represented by the following criteria:

  • Enhancing inclusion through positive communication between persons of different backgrounds
  • Developing innovative methods for increasing and valuing diversity through wide-ranging activities
  • Demonstrating outstanding efforts to promote an environment free from bias and discrimination
  • Organizing, creating and facilitating various academic or community events promoting diversity, respect and inclusiveness
  • Demonstrating continuous commitment to cultural diversity (inclusive of gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, language, etc.) and inclusion
  • Serving as a role model through respectful treatment in interactions and communications with others