Payment Due Dates and Options

Payments are due on the first Friday of the new academic term.

Late payments may incur an additional fee of $100. If you will not be able to pay your balance on time, please contact the Office of Financial Affairs before the due date to set up a payment plan, which will incur a $15 fee. You will not be able to register for the new term, or receive any grades or transcripts, until all your charges have been paid.

Payment due dates: 2017-2018

All Colleges

Fall Semester Sept. 8, 2017
Spring Semester Jan. 5, 2018
Summer Semester May 11, 2018

Payment options

The most convenient way to make payments is through Self-Service. We also accept payments through our office during normal business hours.

Rush University accepts all major credit cards — American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Please note that like many other colleges and universities, we now pass on to our students the 2.5 percent service fees that credit card companies charge, rather than absorbing them as we have in the past.

Payments made via e-check will not be assessed an extra fee.