Rush Medical College Student Council


It is the mission of the Rush Medical College Student Council to be the voice of the student body, representing their needs, concerns, and recommendation. The Council will serve as a conduit of communication between students and administration in an endeavor to implement student concerns, retain high academic standards, foster close cooperation between students and faculty, facilitate graduate interdepartmental communication, encourage worthy projects in the interests of the student body, and serve the general welfare of Rush University. It is the duty of student council to not only assist in the overall advancement of medical education, but to also improve student experiences as a whole.

Some events that were put on by Student Council last year were Flag Football, Winter Break Welcome Back Class Party, and an Open Mic Night. Five class representatives are elected in the fall of M1 year and re-elections are held at the end of each school year.

Contact Information

General Body Member: Brittany Tang
General Body Member: Clara Ledsky
Advisor: Jill Volk, Director, Admissions and Recruitment, Rush Medical College