Professional Development Opportunities

The MSA team shares a variety of career-related opportunities with actively enrolled medical students so they may continue to broaden their experiences while working toward residency.  Please also be sure to regularly check the AAMC Careers in Medicine Clinical and Research Opportunities Database for additional opportunities.

The database allows you to search by program type, specialty or topic, program duration and country, and includes fellowships, internships, scholarships, and grants.  A short description of the program is presented along with a link to the program’s website for further information.  The Clinical and Research Opportunities data base can be found on the CiM website ( under Choose Your Specialty > Explore Options > Clinical and Research Opportunities.  You can also access the database here.  You must have a CiM account to access the resource.

Funding opportunities

Students interested in pursuing funding opportunities to support research presentations and/or attendance at professional development conferences should research and apply for scholarships.  Scholarship opportunities may be offered by the conference and/or hosting organization (many organizations offer scholarships to support registration fees); academic/specialty departments affiliated with your research; Rush University offices of Student Life and Engagement, Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, Rush Community Service Initiative Program and the Office of Integrated Medical Education - Student Professional Development Program.