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Rush Medical College offers several education programs for current and future medical professionals at all stages of their educational journeys.

Rush Medical College Admissions and Recruitment

Rush Medical College is dedicated to developing empathic, proficient physicians committed to continuous learning, innovation, and excellence in clinical practice, education, research and service. We seek candidates who are academically competent, who will actively engage in campus life and the diverse communities we serve, who will enhance and contribute to the diversity of our school and university, and contribute unreservedly to serving, promoting and improving the health of the public. Learn more.

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Dr. David Jones Peck Pre-Matriculation Program

This six-week intensive academic program is designed to mimic the Rush Medical College preclerkship curriculum covering the basic science disciplines areas of physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, immunology and histology.

This invitation-only program is offered to applicants of Rush Medical College on a selective basis each recruitment cycle. Participants who successfully complete the program will be offered a position in the incoming first-year class.

Testimonials from Program Participants

“By completing this program, I was able to not only prove to the faculty, but more importantly myself, that I have what it takes to be successful in medical school.”


“The welcoming environment of DJP was a testament to the encouraging and supportive culture at Rush.”


“As a current student, I am seeing the benefits in my study skills and strongly believe this program has instilled a solid foundation in my journey to becoming a physician.”


“The Dr. David Jones Peck Pre-Matriculation Program was one of best privileges and opportunities of my career.”

Rush Visiting Scholars Program

The Rush Medical College Visiting Scholars Program is an innovative program designed to advance our diversity and inclusion mission by offering exceptional underrepresented medical students the opportunity to experience clinical medicine at Rush. This program provides clinical elective experience between July – October each year in a number of specialties.

Visit the Rush Visiting Scholars website to learn more about the program, including eligibility requirements.

Residency and Fellowships

Residency and fellowship training is an exciting and challenging time for developing your clinical skills and defining your identity as a physician.

At Rush University, we are fully committed to making sure you receive outstanding clinical experiences, expert teaching from faculty who are passionate about their work, and an environment focused on your personal growth and well-being. We are proud of our programs’ excellence and house officers. At Rush, you will become a vital part of our health care community. Learn more about residency and fellowships at Rush.

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