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The Family Medicine Leadership Program is a unique-to-RUSH, four-year longitudinal curriculum designed to equip students to become outstanding Family Physicians who will serve as patient care providers, mentors and leaders. Each year, a select group of entering RUSH students who are committed to careers in Family Medicine are admitted through a competitive application process. The FMLP curriculum emphasizes patient centered, community-based, interdisciplinary learning as well as the development of leadership and advocacy skills throughout the four years of medical school. The program cultivates and expands on the students' early interest in Family Medicine, preparing them to be both excellent FM residency candidates and future Family Docs.

Once accepted into FMLP, students are assigned to an ambulatory practice that will serve as a clinical “home base” during medical school. Beginning in the first few weeks of the M1 year, students will become an integral part of the community-based health care team, gaining an appreciation for continuity of care by following their own panel of patients over time, observing the course of illness and recovery. Students will also participate in learning activities and extramural experiences designed to prepare them to become future clinical and academic leaders in family medicine.

Additionally, students will be paired with a senior clinical faculty member who will take an active role in providing individual support, resources and guidance to facilitate academic progress, personal development and professional transformation. 

The Family Medicine Leadership Program is designed for applicants with the following:

  • Strong interest in a family medicine career
  • Interest in entering a program with enhanced outpatient and community-based training in primary care medicine
  • Interest in developing core leadership skills that will serve them both in their future practice of medicine and within their communities
  • Diverse educational, professional and/or socioeconomic backgrounds

Interested persons must follow the Rush Medical College application process, meeting all RMC admission criteria. On acceptance into RMC, individuals will be invited to complete an FMLP application.

Primary care is our best hope for the future. Family Doctors are our rising stars.

- Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization

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