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Faculty and Administrative Team


Community Adjunct Faculty

  • Joel J. Augustin, MD, Assistant Attending
  • Joshua A. Blomgren, DO, Assistant Professor
  • Milton Chavez, MD, Assistant Professor
  • Kush Desai, MD, Assistant Professor
  • Deborah Edberg, MD, Assistant Professor
  • Alvaro Encinas, MD, Assistant Professor
  • Ruchi Fitzgerald, MD, Assistant Professor
  • Peter Grant, MD, Associate Professor
  • Xiurong Huang, MD, Instructor
  • Ramandeep Kaur, MD, Assistant Professor
  • Carolyn Lopez, MD, Associate Professor
  • Ray Mendez, MD, Instructor
  • Fred Richardson, MD, Instructor
  • Mario Rosas, MD, Instructor
  • Marian Sassetti, MD, Assistant Professor
  • Sze Wong, MD, Instructor

Conjoint Faculty Appointments

Administrative Team

  • Beth Zinda, MHA, Department Administrator
  • Barb Mascitti, Research Administrator
  • Percival Tan, MBA, Finance Manager
  • Betty Dominguez, Administrative Manager
  • Elvia Medrano, Associate Residency Coordinator
  • Gwen Brown, Administrative Assistant
  • Joyce Mack, Student Program Coordinator