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Community Partnerships and Training Opportunities

Map of West Side Chicago

West Side United

West Side UnitedThe participation of people who live and work on Chicago’s West Side to help plan, implement and evaluate what works and what does not is critical to our success. Rush University Medical Center is a founding member of West Side United, a collaboration of health care institutions, residents, educators, non-profits, businesses, government agencies and faith-based institutions who have come together to make the neighborhoods of the West Side stronger, healthier and more vibrant places to live. BEC partners with the Maternal Child Health Workgroup and Education Workgroup at WSU with a common goal to support children and families in our community.

Project ECHO

Project ECHO is committed to addressing the needs of the most vulnerable populations by equipping communities with the right knowledge, at the right place, at the right time. RUSH’s Early Childhood ECHO seeks to support, mentor and empower first-line providers to identify not only problems, but evidence-based solutions for the most common behavioral health and developmental concerns in young children.

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Rush Young Child Wellness Council

The Rush Young Child Wellness Council will consist of 12 core members, including two caregivers of young children and one representative each from Illinois Early Intervention, Head Start and Chicago Public Schools. The other six members will come from WS including representatives from faith-based organizations, Federally Qualified Health Centers, government (e.g., Chicago Department of Family & Support Services) and non-profits (e.g., Garfield Park Community Council). The YCWC will be tasked with helping tailor culturally and developmentally appropriate approaches for program goals & processes, marketing, and data reporting & interpretation. The YCWC will ensure compatibility with the needs and perspectives of key stakeholders before beginning major program activities. If concerns arise, we will convene the board to identify the problems and develop joint solutions.

For more information on the YCWC or if you are interested in applying, please contact