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Our Vision for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Department of Anesthesiology recognizes that an intentional commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion are necessary to develop healthcare professionals who are reflective of the communities, patients and the region we serve. This is critical to achieving excellence. RUSH University Medical Center has a rich history in developing DEI strategic initiatives since 2006. As a commitment to carrying on our organizational mission, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee will focus on developing initiatives that create an inclusive culture through education, fostering multidisciplinary collaboration, optimize recruiting and retention of a diverse workforce, and creating initiatives that improve health disparities. 

Webinar: Awareness to Action: DEI in Healthcare
April Newsletter!
DEI Committee Update Volume 1, Issue 1 February 1, 2022
RUSH Anesthesiology clinicians awarded DEI grants from ISA and ASA!

Diversity, equity and inclusion programs are important in our educational training because they teach us how to listen. They teach us how to celebrate our commonalities and become wiser from our differences.

Shruti Bassi, MD
Co-Chair Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee

Our Mission to Achieve Excellence

The Department of Anesthesiology reaffirms its commitment to fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion.  We believe that as healers, we must lead by example to create an environment that respects the diversity and unique needs of individuals.  We believe in fostering a welcoming community of all ages, races, ethnicities, cultures, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities in which one is able to thrive and achieve their personal academic and professional goals. We strive to continuously evaluate and improve in creating an environment that is diverse, equitable and inclusive.  Through collaboration, research, innovation, and education, we commit to creating accountability and action in our efforts.  We understand that we are all connected together as physicians, nurses, healthcare workers, patients and the community.  We believe it is our duty and an honor to be just and equitable in our role to serve and heal. To that end, the Department of Anesthesiology has been addressing the needs and ability to increase diversity among the students, residents, CRNAs, fellows, faculty and staff.  

Co-Chairs: Shruti Bassi, MD, Lisa P. Solomon, DO, FASA

Members:  Lisa P. Solomon, DO, FASA; Shruti Bassi, MD; Anna Dziamski, MD; Edmund Mangahas, MD; Behnoosh Shayegan, MD; Phillip Traylor, MD; Deepali Garg, MD; William McDade, MD; Carole Zouki, MD; Maiko Yamashita, DNP, CRNA; Samantha Pratt, CRNA; Nicholas Gius, DNP, CRNA; Jayne Slocum, MD; Jocelyn Gray, SRNA; Renie Sanders, SRNA; Trevor Rogers, SRN

I believe in order to have a positive impact on patients health outcomes DEI must be achieved. The first step is  kindness and acceptance

Sheila Warren, CRNA


Webinar: From Awareness to Action: Practical Steps for Implementing DEI in Healthcare
Thursday, July 27, 2023 | 2 PM ET - Register Now
Join Rola Aamar, PhD, Vince Baiera, BSN, and Kelli Slade as they discuss the growing need for a comprehensive DEI program and the benefits they bring, internally and externally, along with actionable steps that your organization can start taking today!

Learning objectives:

  • Explore a comprehensive breakdown of the current healthcare workforce.
  • Discover actionable steps that you can take right away to integrate DEI principles that drive sustainable change seamlessly.
  • Identify what’s necessary to create and foster an environment that empowers employees and promotes long-term retention.

April Newsletter!

DEI Committee Update Volume 1, Issue 1 February 1, 2022

Rush Anesthesiology clinicians awarded DEI grants from ISA and ASA!

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