Department of Pediatrics Leadership Team

The Department of Pediatrics is led by many nationally and internationally respected experts.

Department Leaders

Anna Spagnoli, MD, PhD

Chairperson, Department of Pediatrics

Valerie Kalinowski, MD, MHA

Chief of Clinical Operations, Rush University Children’s Hospital, Medical Director, PICU

Jane Kramer, MD

Vice Chairperson, Education

Susanna Chubinskaya, PhD
Vice Chairperson, Research and Faculty Development

Jean Silvestri, MD
Vice Chairperson, Safety, Quality and Clinical Effectiveness

Beth Volin, MD
Vice Chairperson, Innovation

Shaun Cooper, MS-HSM
Associate Vice President, Rush University Children’s Hospital

Bradley Bender, MHA
Department Administrator, Rush University Children’s Hospital

Andjelka Tomov
Finance Manager, Rush University Children’s Hospital

Allison Parker, MS-HSM
Project Manager, Rush University Children’s Hospital

Annie Huang
Administrative Manager, Rush University Children’s Hospital

Division Chiefs


Ra-id Abdulla, MD
Division Chief

Critical Care

Arabela Stock, MD
Division Chief

Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics

Cesar Ochoa, MD
Division Chief

Endocrinology and Metabolism

Carla Minutti, MD
Division Chief


Randolph McConnie, MD
Division Chief

General Pediatrics

Kyran Quinlan, MD, MPH
Division Chief


Carolyn Jones, MD, PhD
Division Chief

Hematology, Oncology

Lisa Giordano, MD
Division Chief

Hospital Medicine

Laura Meltzer, MD
Division Chief

Infectious Diseases

Latania Logan, MD
Division Chief

Internal Medicine - Pediatrics

Jeremy Pripstein, MD, MEd
Division Chief


Robert Kimura, MD
Division Chief


Sara Jandeska, MD
Division Chief


Peter Heydemann, MD
Division Chief


Michelle Greene, PhD
Division Chief


Girish Sharma, MD
Division Chief

Sleep Medicine

Pallavi Patwari, MD
Division Chief