Global Health Fellowship

The Rush Global Health Fellowship program provides a unique opportunity to impact global health issues while exploring sustainable solutions on a community level.


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The Division of Community and Global Health Equity in the Department of Internal Medicine is pleased to offer a one-year post-graduate Fellowship in Haiti or the Dominican Republic. Fellows have the extraordinary opportunity to work closely with the same community over their year of Fellowship, playing a critical role in care provision, relationship building and program development. 


The goals of the Rush Global Health Fellowship are to:

  • Develop life-long leaders and advocates in promoting health equity locally and globally
  • Provide opportunities for service and learning in the areas of communicable and non-communicable diseases, social medicine, and systems of health care delivery in under-resourced populations
  • Prepare the Fellow for a career in global health and academic hospitalist medicine, with a focus on fellow-driven areas of interest. 


For the 2022-2023 academic year Fellows will be serving the community of Duquesa, Dominican Republic. The program consists of the following:

  • Six months of service in Duquesa, Dominican Republic
  • Six months of hospitalist service at RUMC, including at least 2 weeks of teaching service and 50% or less of nights 
  • One month of vacation time included
  • Participation in a community-based project in Duequesa with a presentation at a local or regional meeting

Check out our Introducing Duquesa video!

Salary and Benefits 

The Fellow will be compensated at a PGY4 level or higher and is eligible for all Rush health benefits.


The Fellowship is made possible through a long-term partnership between Community Empowerment (CE) and Rush. CE is an NGO that works with local leadership in underserved communities to provide essential health care, while fostering the development of self-sustaining health care systems. Currently, there are four partner communities across Haiti and the Dominican Republic.


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Application Deadline
January 31, 2023
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Contact Information
Stephanie Crane, MD
Chief, Division of Community and
Global Health Equity Co-Fellowship Director

Amanda Bradke, MD
Co-Fellowship Director

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