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Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Woman's Board Grand Rounds Calendar

The Woman's Board Grand Rounds are held on Thursdays from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. (CST) via WebEx webinar. Beginning this spring, we have held monthly in-person Grand Rounds.

If you would like to be added to the invite list, please contact Amy Perry at

Speaker Name
Speaker Institution
Title of Presentation
9/14/2023 Stefanie LoSavio, PhD University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Cognitive Processing therapy

9/21/2023 Arielle Sheftall, PhD University of Rochester Medical Center 

IN-PERSONWoman's Board Lecture - Trends in Youth Suicide 


Katherine Koh, MD 

Massachusetts General Hospital

Homelessness and Mental Illness: Clinical Practice, Prediction, and Policy 

10/5/2023 Steven Girardeau, PsyD, LP MHS (Mental Health Systems, Inc.)

Current Trends in Insurance and How They Intersect with the Treatment of Mental Health Disorders

Melissa Lamar, MD  RUSH University Medical Center 

Acculturation in Context: A Framework for Understanding Brain Aging in Older Latinos


Susan Buehler, PhD
Mike Hefferly, PhD

RUSH University Medical Center 

Research on treatment consideration for tinnitus 

10/26/2023 Raj Addepalli, MD Lincoln Hospital Medical Center, Cornell Medicine 

Managment of pregnant patients with psychosis/mood disorder on the inpatient unit

11/2/2023 Margaret Sibley, PhD University of Washington School of Medicine 

Course and Stability of ADHD from Childhood to Adulthood: Findings from the Multimodal Treatment of ADHD (MTA) Study

11/9/2023 Angela Lawson, PhD Northwestern Medical Group 

The Psychological Consequences of Infertility and Its Treatment

  • View the presentation here
11/16/2023 Chuka Nestor Emezue, PhD, MPH, MPA,  RUSH University Medical Center

Technology-Enhanced Interventions for Co-Occurring Violence and Substance Use among Young Boys and Men

  • View the presentation here
11/30/2023 Harold Koenig, MD Duke University Medical Center 

Religion, Spirituality and Mental Health: Research and Clinical Applications

  • View the presentation here
Brad Appelhans, PhD RUSH University Medical Center 

Integrating "reward landscapes" in models of health behavior

  • View the presentation here
12/14/2023 Gabrielle Pagé, PhD  University of Montreal 

Temporal and dynamic aspects of pain that influence physical and psychological well-being

Julie Teater, MD, DFAPA, FASAM

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center 

The Case for Hospital-Based Addiction Treatment

  • View the presentation here
1/11/2024 Surita Rao, MD
Cassandra Holinka, PhD
University of Connecticut School of Medicine 

Physician suicide 

  • View the presentation here

Tanya Sorrell, PhD

RUSH University Medical Center

IN-PERSON, Racial Issues in Psychiatry- An analysis of a racial health equity educational module for RUMC medical students

  • View the presentation here 
1/25/2024 Michelle Sweet, MD
Laurin Mack, PhD
RUSH University Medical Center

Faculty Development: Feedback Conversations

  • View the presentation here
2/1/2024 Nathan Kimbrel, PhD Duke University Medical Center 

Recent Developments in the Assessment and Prediction of Self-Directed Violence

  • View the presentation here
2/8/2024 Sophia Vinogradov, MD University of Minnesota Medical School 

Promoting Cognitive and Neural System Recovery in Early Psychosis

  • View the presentation here
2/15/2024 Ruchi Fitzgerald, MD, FAAFP RUSH University Medical Center 

The Project LIFE program : Long Acting Injectable Buprenorphine to End Overdose: Opportunities for Addressing Equity in Substance Use Disorder Treatment in Overlooked Populations

  • View the presentation here
Monica Argumedo, MD  RUSH University Medical Center

IN-PERSON, The benefit of the forensic perspective in relation to PTSD diagnosis and treatment in the clinical setting

  • View the presentation here
2/29/2024 Danielle Hairston, MD Howard University 

The Overdiagnosis of Schizophrenia in Black Men

  • View the presentation here
Demian Rose, MD, PhD University of California at San Francisco 

Language Matters: correcting the most common category errors made by clinicians treating psychosis

  • View the presentation here
Kathy Zebracki, PhD, MA Shriners Children's Chicago

Children and Adolescents with Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury: Unique Considerations

  • View the presentation here
Scott Palmer, MD RUSH University Medical Center

IN-PERSON, Historical and Clinical Perspectives of Cannabinoids in Medicine

Candice Norcott, PhD University of Chicago 

Listening to the Perspectives of Black Women on Perinatal Health Disparities: Reversing the Tide and Improving Outcomes

  • View the presentation here
Charles Conway, MD Washington University in St. Louis 

Danos-Scheftner Lecture in Affective Disorders - Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Treatment-Resistant Depression

  • View the presentation here

Alan Schatzberg, MD

Stanford University School of Medicine 

Inflammation in Major Depression: An Update 

  • View the presentation here
4/18/2024 Greg Chasson, PhD  University of Chicago 

Thinking Outside the Overstuffed Box to Enhance Motivation to Change in Adults with Hoarding

  • View the presentation here

Michael Bloch, MD, MS

Yale School of Medicine 

Ketamine as a novel antidepressant for treatment-resistant depression in adolescents

  • View the presentation here
5/2/2024 Andrew Schiller, MD RUSH University Medical Center Resident/Fellow talks - NMDA Encephalitis
  • View the presentation here

Cody Naughton, MD

RUSH University Medical Center

IN-PERSON, Resident/Fellow talks - Compassionate care for persons with benzodiazepine misuse, benzodiazepine use disorder and complex persistent benzodiazepine withdrawal

  • View the presentation here

Makenzie Irrgang, PhD

RUSH University Medical Center

Resident/Fellow talks - OCD and PTSD: Diagnostic Overlap and Treatment Considerations

5/23/2024 Jacob Cross, MD RUSH University Medical Center

Resident/Fellow talks - Data and clinical implications of the placebo effect


Greg Pontone, MD, MHS

University of Florida College of Medicine 

A Novel Mechanism for Parkinson’s Disease Psychosis

6/6/2024 Oncology Panel  RUSH University Medical Center 

Personal & professional experiences in cancer care from the perspective of minority identit(ies)”


Mark Zimmerman, MD

Brown University, South County Psychiatry  

In The Trenches With Difficult To Treat Patients With Borderline Personality Disorder: Principles To Survive By