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Program Qualification Requirements

Site Qualifications

1. Is the ultrasound machine used for fellowship training fully owned by the Emergency Department? YES
2. Is the ultrasound machine used for fellowship training available 24 hours/7 days/week? YES
3. Does the ultrasound machine used for fellowship training have the necessary transducers to perform cardiac, transabdominal, endovaginal and superficial examinations? YES
4. Is hospital credentialing for emergency ultrasound (EUS) available? YES
5. Do formal diagnostic EUS reports appear as a part of the patient medical record? YES
6. Does at least one other emergency medicine faculty member (aside from the fellowship director) have hospital credentials for emergency ultrasound at the primary facility for all of the applications listed? YES
7. Is quality assurance (QA) review documented for all ultrasound examinations performed by the emergency ultrasound fellow(s)? YES
8. Does the ED ultrasound director maintain a quality assurance log of all ultrasound examinations performed in the ED? YES
9. Are the types of EUS examinations at minimum consistent with those described in the most recent ACEP ultrasound guidelines? YES
10. Is the EUS faculty primarily responsible for EUS fellow education, with education outside the department kept to a minimum and only supplemental to fellow education? YES
11. Does the emergency ultrasound fellow work less than or equal to 20 clinical (direct patient care) hours/week? YES
12. Is the EUS fellow a full-time equivalent faculty member at your institution? YES
13. Is the EUS fellowship a minimum of 12 months? YES
14. Does the EUS fellow perform a minimum of 5 scanning shifts/month, with direct supervision during scanning shifts, especially early in the fellowship? YES
15. Does a formal fellowship evaluation process exist with at least 3 meetings and an opportunity for the fellow and fellowship director to meet during the fellowship’s course? YES

Fellowship Director Qualifications

1. If not fellowship trained, does the EUS fellowship director have at least 3 years of experience using EUS in clinical practice after residency? YES
2. If fellowship trained, did the EUS fellowship director complete fellowship more than 1 year ago? YES
3. Has the EUS fellowship director published at least three peer reviewed emergency ultrasound articles in Medline indexed journals? YES
4. Are at least two of the above mentioned publications original ultrasound research with the EUS fellowship director as first author on one of them? YES
5. Does the fellowship director have a record of excellence in teaching? (This ability can be demonstrated by teaching awards, consistently favorable evaluations by residents and/or fellows, or the like.) YES
6. Does the EUS fellowship director have at least four regional and national abstract research presentations at meetings conducted by organizations such as ACEP, SAEM, AIUM or similar meetings over a three-year period? YES
7. Is the EUS fellowship director involved in advancing emergency ultrasound by active participation or leadership in one of the previously mentioned nationally recognized organizations? YES