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Substance misuse is a significant medical and public health concern associated with high rates of emergency room visits, increased morbidity and mortality, and high healthcare costs. The Substance Use Intervention Team (SUIT) at RUSH was created in 2017 to address the opioid use epidemic and other substance use disorders. The SUIT service functions as an interdisciplinary team, with expertise in critical care, pharmacology, motivational interviewing, care coordination, and more. The team consists of an inpatient consult service and an outpatient clinic that provides MAT, Psychotherapy, and Care Management services. 


SUIT is an interdisciplinary team with an inpatient consultation service and an outpatient clinic. Our team includes Physicians trained in Addiction Medicine, Advanced Practice Providers, Social Workers, and support staff who work together to provide MAT, motivational interviewing, psychotherapy and case management services. We also refer patients as appropriate to different levels of care including IOP and residential rehabilitation.

SUIT provides inpatient coverage for all substance use related questions and concerns on all floors, ICU's, Pediatrics, and Labor and Delivery. Our team provides evaluations for substance use disorders including OUD, AUD, stimulant and benzo use disorders, and more. We specialize in buprenorphine inductions as well as methadone new starts and titrations for OUD. Our team coordinates and administers non-formulary requests for LAI's to address OUD (Sublocade and Brixadi) for patient's admitted to the hospital and within our clinic. Using a Behavioral Health Integration model, SUIT also offers Psychiatric support for individuals with co-occurring mood disorders. Providers can place a consult to Addiction Medicine in EPIC to access our team. Patients who are interested in establishing care within our clinic can call us directly at 312-563-0830.


Substance Use Intervention Team (SUIT) Clinic 
1611 W. Harrison Street, Suite 106B 
Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: (312) 563-0830
Fax: (312) 563-0840