2022-2023 Application Cycle Updates

As Rush University, the Chicago community, and the nation continue to navigate the pandemic, the Rush Medical College (RMC) Office of Admissions and Recruitment is closely monitoring the impact of the virus on the 2023 application cycle and our future students. Our determinations regarding the 2023 cycle, which are outlined below, were developed in accordance with AAMC guidelines & protocols and our institutional mission. Moving forward, we hope to limit the number of additional alterations to the upcoming cycle. 

Please note: The information below pertains to all applicants seeking to matriculate to RMC in Fall 2023. We encourage applicants and advisors to bookmark this page for future reference, as all additional updates to the 2023 cycle will be published here. We will post relevant updates regarding future application cycles as appropriate.

This page was last edited on June 16, 2022.

Clinical Experiences and Community Service Orientation

We seek applicants who demonstrate longitudinal commitments to providing care and giving back to their communities. An applicant may obtain both through employment, volunteering or other activities, and the experiences may be virtual given the pandemic. Applicants invited to complete the Rush Medical College Secondary Application will have the opportunity to explain how the pandemic affected their paths to medical school. For general information regarding the attributes of a successful RMC candidate, click here.

Letters of Recommendation

RMC is a participating school in the AMCAS Letters Service and will only accept letters of recommendation/evaluation that are provided through AMCAS. We continue to prefer pre-medical committee letters for those applicants whose institutions provide this service (committee letters are acceptable with or without the inclusion of ancillary individual letters). However, letter packets and up to three individual letters remain acceptable alternatives for those without pre-professional committees. For general information regarding letters of recommendation and their role in the RMC application process, click here.


We will accept MCAT scores from exams administered between January 2020 and September 2022. The AAMC does not notify medical schools of future MCAT registrations; it is the responsibility of each applicant to maintain this information within AMCAS. For more information, reference the 2023 AMCAS Applicant Guide, which is available here.

Online and Pass/Fail Coursework

Courses taken online or graded as Pass/Fail due to institutional responses to the pandemic will be considered without prejudice. Our review of such courses will adhere to the protocols and procedures of AMCAS, which completes transcript evaluations on behalf of medical schools. For more information regarding the impact of alternative grading policies on AMCAS’ GPA calculation, click here.