The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences offers specialty training for psychology trainees of varying training levels. All positions include high quality clinical training, supervision, and didactic experiences, and many include an opportunity for research involvement as well.

Psychology Internship/Residency

The psychology doctoral internship/residency is a one-year, American Psychological Association-accredited, full-time training program that fulfills the internship requirement for doctoral programs in health services psychology. The program includes three tracks: health psychology, neuropsychology, and child/adolescent/pediatric psychology. Detailed information can be found on our program website.

How to apply: See program website.
Contact Information: Lauren Bradley, PhD

Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowships

Postdoctoral Fellowships in psychology are available in a variety of specialty areas. Position availability varies from year to year and applicants are encouraged to contact fellowship directors with questions.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Autism Assessment, Research, Treatment, and Services (AARTS) Center is recruiting for a postdoctoral fellowship offering specialized clinical training in diagnostic assessment and treatment of autism. Fellows will conduct diagnostic evaluations, maintain an individual therapy caseload and lead therapy groups. Additional opportunities include school consultation, inpatient consultation and participation in collaborative research projects.

Anticipated availability for 2021-2022: None
How to apply: Applications should include a cover letter, CV and two letters of recommendation
Contact Information: Jenn Moriuchi, PhD

Behavioral Medicine/Obesity/Disordered Eating/Outpatient Psychotherapy

The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Rush University Medical Center is seeking applicants with an interest in health psychology, obesity, and disordered eating for a 1-2 year postdoctoral fellowship. The fellow will provide behavioral health assessment and intervention with patients with obesity, as well as assessment and treatment of common psychological disorders. The proportions of these experiences can be tailored to the applicant’s preferences and needs. Services are provided in the Outpatient Psychotherapy Clinic located in the beautiful Westgate Building on the Rush campus.

The position includes pre-surgical evaluation and treatment of bariatric surgery candidates (gastric bypass/sleeve gastrectomy) and treatment of emotional, stress, and binge eating and can include work with patients with diabetes as well as general outpatient psychotherapy with a diverse group of patients. The position is primarily clinical, but also includes the opportunity to conduct obesity-related and diabetes-related research in our research lab (Drs. Joyce Corsica, Lauren Bradley, Mackenzie Kelly, and Aviva Ariel-Donges). Opportunities for teaching psychology interns as well as group didactic/training opportunities are also available. The salary and benefits package is competitive.

Applicants should be recent graduates of an APA-accredited clinical psychology program, have completed an APA-accredited internship, and have a strong background in cognitive behavioral therapy, health psychology, and obesity treatment. Obesity and/or disordered eating research background preferred.

Rush is an EOE employer, and encourages applications from minority and culturally diverse candidates.

Anticipated availability for 2021-2022: Yes (one position)
Starting date: July 1st-July 15th is preferred.
How to apply: Applicants should submit a statement describing professional experience/career goals and fit with the position as well as a current curriculum vita (please note: letters of recommendation are not required during first stage) by e-mail to:
Application Deadline: February 1, 2021 but we encourage application as soon as possible
Contact Information: Joyce Corsica, PhD

Community Behavioral Health

Postdoctoral fellowships are available through the Section of Community Behavioral Health.

Anticipated availability for 2021-2022: Yes.
How to apply: Contact the program for additional details.
Contact Information: Anne Rufa, PhD

Rehabilitation Psychology

The Rehabilitation Psychology Post-doctoral Fellow works in the Section of Geriatric & Rehabilitation Psychology. This training position provides the training and clinical hours necessary for licensure as a psychologist with training experiences focused on the inpatient and outpatient mental health care of individuals with acute and chronic illnesses and acquired disability as well as older adults. Responsibilities include inpatient assessment and treatment, outpatient psychotherapy, engagement with ongoing scholarship in the section, and assisting in the administration of the inpatient service.

How to apply: See the Universal Psychology Postdoctoral Directory.
Contact Information: Jay Behel, PhD

Neurobehavioral Psychology

Postdoctoral fellowships are available through the Rush NeuroBehavioral Center.
Anticipated availability for 2021-2022: 1 position 
How to apply: Contact the program for additional details. We will begin to take applications Fall/Winter 2020. 
Contact Information: Ashley Lambert, PsyD

Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

The Autism Assessment, Research, Treatment, and Services (AARTS) Center and the Department of Pediatrics offer a joint postdoctoral fellowship providing specialized clinical training in neurodevelopmental disabilities. The focus is diagnostic assessment and treatment of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., Fragile X Syndrome, Phelan-McDermid Syndrome) in both multidisciplinary clinic and translational research settings.

Anticipated availability for 2020-2021: Not currently accepting applications.
How to apply: Applications should include a cover letter and CV
Contact Information: Allie Wainer, PhD


Two postdoctoral fellowships in neuropsychology are available through the Rush Neuropsychology Service. One position includes times split between the Neuropsychology Service and the Rush Road Home Program for veterans and their families.

Anticipated availability of Neuropsychology Service position for 2021-2022: Yes (1 position)
Anticipated availability of Neuropsychology Service + Road Home Program position for 2021-2022: Not currently accepting applications
How to apply: Contact the program for additional details.
Contact Information: Chris Grote

Supportive Oncology

The Rush University Cancer Center and the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago are recruiting a two-year, full-time Postdoctoral Fellow in Psychosocial Oncology for our growing, interdisciplinary program serving individuals with cancer. The ideal candidate will have clinical experience in psycho-oncology or working with patients with serious physical illness. Candidates should also have a research background with some publications, be knowledgeable in advanced statistics, and will be interested in establishing a scientist-practitioner career.

Anticipated availability for 2021-2022: Yes (one position).
How to apply: See the Universal Psychology Postdoctoral Directory
Contact Information: Lauren Rynar, PhD

Trauma and Women’s Health

Postdoctoral fellowships are available through the Outpatient Psychotherapy clinic with specialty training through the Center for Women’s Behavioral and Mental Health.

Anticipated availability for 2020-2021: Yes (one position)
How to apply: Contact the program for additional details
Contact Information: Natalie Stevens, PhD

Veteran/Trauma Psychology

Fellows work within The Road Home Program: The National Center of Excellence for Veterans and Their Families at Rush. Road Home is part of the Warrior Care Network as a Midwest regional center for the treatment of PTSD through a three-week intensive outpatient program (IOP). Road Home also provides individualized care on an outpatient (OP) basis to veterans and their loved ones to help heal the invisible wounds of war. Fellows play an integral role in our clinical program, both IOP and OP, and have ample opportunity to treat veterans as well as adult family members and their children (depending on the fellow’s interests and backgrounds). Training is ongoing through individual and group supervision, didactics and trainings in various evidence-based treatments.

Anticipated availability for 2020-2021: Yes (three positions).
How to apply: Follow UPPD guidelines. To apply, please send a cover letter, C.V. and two letters of recommendation to Maggie McGauley in Faculty Recruitment.
Contact Information: Brian Klassen, PhD

Psychology Practicum/Externship Positions

Practicum/Externship positions are available for graduate students in PhD and PsyD programs in the Chicago area.

Advanced Child and Adolescent Therapy and Assessment Practicum

Externs provide both therapy and assessment services within the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic. This clinic provides quality care to 5-18 year old children and adolescents presenting with a wide array of behavioral, mood and anxiety disorders. Although our families come from an array of socio-economic backgrounds, the majority come from a lower SES, minority population. Externs carry a caseload of between 5-8 patients per week and complete 10-12 assessments over the course of the training year. They receive weekly supervision in both aspects of their training along with a weekly rotation of case conferences, seminars and journal clubs.

Anticipated availability for 2021-2022: Yes (two positions).
How to apply: Please send a cover letter, C.V., two letters of recommendation (at least one letter from a current clinical supervisor) and sample assessment report (de-identified) to Jon Goldner, PhD.
Contact Information: Jon Goldner, PhD

AARTS Center Psychology Externship

The Autism Assessment, Research, Treatment, and Services (AARTS) Center offers an advanced practicum for clinical psychology trainees seeking experience related to neurodevelopmental disorders. The AARTS Center serves individuals with autism and their families across the lifespan, from infancy through adulthood. Trainees participate in multidisciplinary diagnostic evaluations for individuals with concerns about possible autism spectrum disorder and neuropsychological evaluations for children with complex medical history. Advanced trainees also have the opportunity to gain treatment experience in parent training, individual psychotherapy, and group therapy as well as to support ongoing research at the AARTS Center.

Anticipated availability for 2021-2022: Yes. Externships are scheduled to begin in July 2021.
How to apply: Applications should include a cover letter, CV, writing sample (e.g., deidentified report) and two letters of recommendation.
Contact Information: Jenn Moriuchi, PhD

Neurobehavioral Psychology

Practicum positions are available through the Rush NeuroBehavioral Center.

Anticipated availability for 2020-2021: Yes.
How to apply: Contact the program for additional details.
Contact Information: Ashley Lambert, PsyD

Supportive Oncology 

Availability for 2021-2022: 2 Positions

Supervisors: Yasmin Asvat, Ph.D, Patricia Fank, Psy.D., Lauren Rynar, Ph.D.

Overview: This is an advanced health psychology externship designed to provide training experiences in Psychosocial Oncology. The Psychosocial Oncology team is an integral part of the Rush University Cancer Center Supportive Oncology Program, which is a comprehensive suite of services designed to improve the quality of life, quality of care, and outcomes for patients with cancer and their caregivers. The mission of the supportive oncology program is to: 1) decrease distress and improve quality of life using evidence-informed practices; 2) connect people with the resources they need; and 3) decrease symptom burden associated with cancer or its treatment.

The Psychosocial Oncology team works to to accomplish this mission via the delivery of consultation, liaison, evaluation, and psychotherapy services in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. Specifically, externs will work in two main capacities during the training year: 1) inpatient consultation for hematology/oncology patients who are hospitalized and who have been referred by the primary medical team for psychological evaluation and psychosocial support. 2) outpatient psychotherapy with a focus on coping with cancer and its physical and psychological impact. In caring for patients, externs will work in a multi-disciplinary setting including, but not limited to, to oncology, surgery, internal medicine, social work, psychiatry, palliative care, and nursing.

Externs will apply assessment and evidence-based intervention skills to the management of: 1) psychosocial concerns including adjustment disorders, depression, anxiety, end of life issues, disease-specific quality of life concerns, treatment non-adherence, and providing support to patient’s caregivers and 2) behavioral symptom management of issues such as pain, sleep difficulties, nausea, and cognitive complaints​ Externs frequently have opportunities to work closely with other Supportive Oncology providers (psychiatry, chaplaincy, dietetics, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, massage therapy, social work) to provide patients with comprehensive and integrated services. Externs may also have the opportunity to co-lead supportive and/or skills training groups.


  • Able to devote 2 full-days on site (16-20 hours per week). Current enrollment in an APA-accredited doctoral program in clinical psychology.
  • Completion of Master’s degree at time of application.
  • At least 2 previous practicum experiences, with a preference for previous experience in health psychology.
  • Training runs from 7/1/2021 to 6/30/2022.


  • Outpatient caseload of approximately 4-5 patients per week.
  • Inpatient consultation caseload will vary, with approximately 50% of dedicated rotation time.
  • 1 hour of individual supervision per week.
  • 2 hours of group supervision per month.
  • 1-2 hours of didactic seminars per week in-person or via Webex (Health Psychology didactics, Clinical Psychology resident didactics, Psychiatry Grand Rounds). Didactic training may also include review of assigned readings and training materials.
  • 2 hours per week dedicated for chart review, documentation, and other ancillary tasks.

Note on COVID-19 precautions:

Psychosocial Oncology at Rush operates in a hybrid in-person/virtual mode. Inpatient work is conducted with appropriate PPE as indicated by standard safety protocols at Rush. Outpatient work is conducted either virtually, when indicated in the case of group program and when requested by patients, or in dedicated clinical space. Clinical space is sanitized after every patient visit and patients and providers are required to wear masks and maintain physical distance.

Application: Students interested in applying for the Psychosocial Oncology Externship should send the following materials to Dr. Lauren Rynar via email ( by January 29, 2021.

  1. Letter of interest
  2. Current CV
  3. Current transcript
  4. Two letters of recommendation (one must be from a clinical supervisor, one from a current faculty member at your training program). Letters should be emailed directly to Dr. Rynar.

Applications are due by midnight on January 29, 2021. Interviews will be conducted virtually between January 20 and February 25, 2021. Offers will be made on a rolling-basis, with all offers made by the final date of February 26, 2021. Students will only hold one offer a time and immediately inform externships that they are declining an offer or cancelling interviews after accepting an offer. If an applicant receives an offer from a less preferred externship site, they are encouraged to reach out to this program to inquire about their standing. We request that applicants refrain from holding multiple offers simultaneously. Please note we do not follow ACEPT guidelines.

Contact Information: Jenn Moriuchi, P