Rush University Strategic Plan

Guided by our mission and vision, Rush University has developed a strategic plan that will allow us to adapt to an evolving health care landscape and continue to prepare students to become tomorrow’s health care leaders.

The University strategic plan has three main strategic goals. Rush University will become the following:

  1. The premier University for health care delivery and health sciences education
  2. The national leader in health sciences scholarship and discovery
  3. A model for a vibrant and dynamic University experience

The first of the strategic goals (education) essentially is about the way we provide an outstanding health sciences education to every student who comes to Rush. In order to accomplish this, we must also be sure that our faculty is able to continually develop in their own right.

The second strategic goal (discovery) provides the strategic underpinning of our research enterprise at Rush and emphasizes the importance of the integration of our research with the excellence of the clinical components of the Rush System for Health.

The third strategic goal (experience) speaks to the importance of providing a vibrant experience and culture that promotes development, communicating, collaboration, diversity and inclusion not just within our academic programs, but for every member of Rush University, both while they are here and for the rest of their careers.