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Foreign Relationships and Faculty Recruitment

Efforts by foreign entities to interfere, intercept, and influence domestic innovation and collaboration cause federal agencies concern that individuals may seek to infiltrate U.S. academic and research institutions. These efforts, sponsored by a foreign entity to acquire U.S. scientific results, intellectual property, data and/or technologies, and/or to recruit scientists, academics, and researchers of any nationality working in the U.S. have created a need to be cautious in the faculty recruitment process to ensure that all relationships with foreign entities are disclosed.

Areas of potential concern when recruiting for open faculty positions include:

  • Having an appointment at a U.S. institution while also having an appointment or being employed by a foreign institution
  • Compensation and/or funding received from a foreign entity, such as significant research funding (not provided through the current employer), access to laboratory facilities, materials, or support staff
  • Diversion of intellectual property, data, and other institutional information that may benefit a foreign entity
  • Sharing of confidential information by peer reviewers with others, including foreign entities, or otherwise attempting to influence funding decisions

Individuals who are incoming faculty are required to disclose to the RUSH Faculty Recruiting Office the aforementioned activities.