Leadership and Administration

Board of Governors

  • Carole Browe Segal, chair
  • Robert A. Wislow, vice chair
  • William G. Brown (honorary)
  • Philip A. Canfield
  • Ann Watson Cohn, EdD
  • Lewis M. Collens
  • Mikki Denison
  • Thomas A. Deutsch, MD (ex officio)
  • Marquis D. Foreman, PhD (ex officio)
  • Cyrus F. Freidheim, Jr. (honorary)
  • Larry J. Goodman, MD (ex officio)
  • Marcie B. Hemmelstein
  • Marvin J. Herb (honorary)
  • K. Ranga Rama Krishnan, MB, ChB (ex officio)
  • Richard E. Melcher, MD
  • James L. Mulshine, MD (ex officio)
  • Marcia P. Murphy, DNP
  • Abby McCormick O’Neil (honorary)
  • Karl A. Palasz
  • Charlotte Brasic Royeen, PhD (ex officio)
  • John J. Sabl, JD
  • Michael Simpson (honorary)
  • Robert A. Southern (honorary)
  • Carl W. Stern
  • Jonathan W. Thayer
  • Barbara Jil Wu, PhD


Larry J. Goodman, MD

Thomas A. Deutsch, MD

Marquis D. Foreman, PhD, RN
Dean, College of Nursing

K. Ranga Rama Krishnan, MB, ChB
Dean, Rush Medical College

Charlotte B. Royeen, PhD
Dean, College of Health Sciences

Andrew Bean, Phd
Dean, Graduate College

Joshua J. Jacobs, MD
Vice Provost, Research

Richard K. Davis, MBA
Principal Business Officer

Gayle B. Ward, JD
Senior Associate Provost, Educational Affairs

Susanna G. Chubinskaya, PhD
Associate Provost, Faculty Affairs

Rosemarie Suhayda, PhD, APN, ANP-BC
Associate Provost, Institutional Research, Assessment and Accreditation

Martha Clare Morris, ScD
Assistant Provost, Community Research

Thomas J. Champagne Jr., MBA
Associate Vice President, Research Affairs

Brenda L. Weddington, MEd
Chief Enrollment Management Officer and University Registrar

Ryan Nagdeman
Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Sharon D. Gates
Senior Director, Community Engagement

John McClatchy
Senior Director, Medical Affairs

Angela K. Branson
Director, Student Life and Engagement

Jo A. Cates
Director, Library of Rush University Medical Center

Chris Kanakis
Director, University Facilities

A. David Rivera, MAT
Director, University Systems and Operations

Hilarie Terebessy, PhD
Director, Counseling Center

Michael J. Kremer, PhD
Co-Director, Rush Center for Clinical Skills and Simulation

Michelle Sergel, MD
Co-Director, Rush Center for Clinical Skills and Simulation

Jill Gable
Director, Financial Aid

Mai Aly
Director, Records Registration

Kate L. Webster, PhD
Director, Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs

Angela Velez-Solic, PhD
Director, Instructional  Design & Learning Innovation