Rush Women Mentoring Program

Your goals can be nurtured by those who preceded your path and know the way. Pairing your career aspirations with wise mentors is the goal of the Rush Women Mentoring Program.


The program equips female faculty members with skills to master all kinds of personal and professional interactions by:

  • Fostering systemic professional development that caters to your needs and career pathways
  • Using peer mentoring to nurture a sense of community among women faculty members
  • Assisting your promotion through academic ranks and into leadership positions
  • Increasing visibility of women faculty and their successes within the Rush community
  • Helping develop policies and useful tools promoting work flexibility and work/life balance
  • Supporting a culture of interprofessional collaboration and partnership

A sense of belonging is critical to one’s success, especially among younger faculty looking to make their mark. The women’s mentoring program provides that sense by maintaining a supporting and engaging environment that allows you to learn and grow your way through Rush.

Program participants meet on the last Friday of every month from 8 to 9 a.m. (subject to change based on presenter availability). All Rush faculty, staff and students are welcome to join. Please watch University communications for event details and to RSVP. And follow us on LinkedIn!

Who we are

Susan Chubinskaya, PhD
Associate Provost, Faculty Affairs

Giselle Sandi, PhD
Director of Mentoring Programs

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