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Canvas Information for Students

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Canvas - RUSH University's new Learning Management System

RUSH University is currently at the beginning stages of transitioning to the Canvas learning management system (LMS) from Blackboard Learn. Canvas is a learning environment for face to face, online and hybrid courses. Some features your instructor may provide in your Canvas course are access to course materials, communication tools, online assessments and grades, as well as the ability to submit assignments electronically 
The transition process will take a year to completely move students and courses to Canvas. 


What does that mean for students?

Current Students: Depending on what program or courses you are enrolled in, beginning in Fall 2021 courses will be taught in Canvas. Not all courses will be taught in Canvas for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022. You may have to toggle between Canvas and Blackboard for your courses during the next few semesters. If you are enrolled in a course and you see the course in Blackboard, then the course is still taught in Blackboard. If you do not see the course in Blackboard, log into Canvas and check your Dashboard for the course listing. 
New Students: Depending your program, you may begin your courses in Canvas only. In some cases, your professor might reach out to you via email to let you know if your course is in Canvas or Blackboard. In certain programs, you might have all courses in Canvas, all courses in Blackboard, or you might have to go to both Blackboard and Canvas.

If you would like to check to see if your course is in Blackboard or Canvas, you can check this list: Course Listing and Learning Management System.

You can also check Blackboard or Canvas for your course listing once the course is available in the LMS. Please be aware, most courses are not published until the day before the start of the term or, depending on your instructor, sometimes published the day that course begins.

Please note: some programs or courses will not transition to Canvas until Fall 2022. If you have not received Canvas log in information for Fall 2021 or Spring 2022, then your courses will be taught in Canvas beginning Fall 2022.