It can be difficult to juggle your responsibilities as a student while trying to find a sense of balance in this changing environment. Rush University, in partnership with Rush Wellness, has launched an online Wellness Toolkit. The toolkit provides accessible resources to help promote your well-being, even when so much is uncertain.

Open your Wellness Toolkit

More Resources

If you are feeling overwhelmed with worry or anxiety, we recommend seeking additional professional support.

  • Center for Clinical Wellness – open to all Rush students and house staff.
    • Provides ​coaching, counseling, mini wellness retreats and an Energy Pod
    • Location: Triangle Office Building, Suite 150
    • Open Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
    • Visit the CCW site to learn more or make an appointment 
  • Rush Wellness Assistance Program – available to all Rush students, employees and their families.
    • Location: Call to schedule an appointment at a location most convenient for you
    • Open 24/7
    • Contact: (833) 304-3627
    • Virtual counseling is available through Zoom; call to schedule an appointment