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Faculty Experiences

Kayla Nixon Marshall, MD, MS, FACOG

Association of American Medical Colleges
Early-Career Faculty Leadership Development Seminar (2023)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the AAMC conference and was very glad to be able to attend! I haven’t been involved in AAMC recently, prior to this, so it was very helpful to learn about the resources they specifically offer and to network with other minority colleagues in medicine around the country doing similar work. As someone seeking to promote diversity in medicine all throughout my career, the focus on that specifically was super helpful and encouraging. I also benefited from the many professional development workshops on things like preparing for promotion and time management. Overall, I thought it was very comprehensive, helpful, and enjoyable. The location was also incredible! The only negative I could mention is that the schedule was very packed, without much down time to digest or reflect on all the information. I gave that feedback to the conference at the end as well, but aside from that minor detail I truly had no complaints.”

Sol M. Abreu-Sosa, MD

Association of American Medical Colleges
Early-Career Faculty Leadership Development Seminar (2023)

“I had a wonderful experience at the workshop. I truly appreciated the networking opportunity as I was able to meet different colleagues from other specialties around the nation. It was great to be in the same room with minority leaders who share the same values and experiences as me. We were taught how to not only market ourselves but to also use all of our clinical and non-clinical experiences as key drivers for promotion and escalating the leadership ladder in Academic Medicine. I highly recommend this workshop.”

Lisa Sanchez-Johnsen, PhD

Lisa Sanchez-Johnsen

Association of American Medical Colleges
Mid-Career Minority Faculty Leadership Development Seminar (Oct. 27-28, 2021)

“It was extremely valuable to meet new colleagues and learn new strategies and skills that will help me during this phase in my career. The speakers were amazing and the insights they shared will be directly beneficial to my career development. I learned about the importance of integrating scholarship into administrative responsibilities, which will help to enhance my research productivity. I also learned about differences in the roles of mentors, coaches, and sponsors and the importance of these roles at various stages in one’s career. I look forward to sharing what I learned with others at Rush and nationally.”

Ruta Rao, MD

Association of American Medical Colleges
Mid-Career Women Faculty Leadership Development Seminar (Dec. 6-10, 2019)

"We were able to define our leadership style using the PACE palette, and learn how to identify other's styles so we can best work together. The talks were excellent, specifically the ones on sponsorship and pearls of wisdom. There was also a very informative talk about the current state of academic medicine. Throughout my medical career, I have been taught extensively on how to take care of patients. This was refreshing and inspiring to spend a few days learning how to become a leader."

Naomi Parrella, MD


Leadership Development for Physicians in Academic Health Centers (Oct. 13-25, 2019)
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Executive and Continuing Professional Education

"How often do we, as physicians, have an extended period of time dedicated to ourselves, without other obligations, to learn and focus on personal & professional growth? Attending the this (program) created that opportunity for me. Living on-site in an immersive and supportive environment and connecting with interdisciplinary physician leaders from around the country was inspiring and allowed a deeply collaborative educational experience. Through interactive lectures delivered by experienced speakers and leaders, being challenged and collaboratively working through case based problems, this program demonstrated the application of effective teaching and learning models, provided useful, actionable leadership skills training, an understanding of the financial and business language and considerations of an academic health center, and elicited a deeper understanding of myself and interpersonal interactions.I’m deeply grateful for this opportunity that was made possible with the support of Dr. Susan Chubinskaya and Dr. Alfonso Torquati."

Aloka Patel, MD

Association of American Medical Colleges
Leadership Development Course (March 4-8, 2019)

“The conference provided insights into my own leadership strengths and weaknesses, as well as practical strategies to improve efficiency, conflict management and leadership style. These skills are rarely, if ever, taught in medical education and provided me with new approaches for improving my professional productivity, satisfaction and managing difficult situations. The opportunity for networking and peer advice was excellent with a range of ages, academic ranks and disciplines attending the conference. I would highly recommend this conference for any academic physician!” 

Elizabeth Van Opstal, MD 

Association of American Medical Colleges
Early Career Women Leadership Development Seminar (Feb. 1-5, 2019)

“The AAMC Early Career Women Leadership Development seminar is a three and a half day seminar focusing on developing leadership skills in female faculty who are instructors and assistant professors. It offers wonderful opportunities to network with other women at similar stages in their careers, to discuss important issues in your professional and personal life. There were small group sessions led by senior faculty, which I found incredibly valuable in helping me improve and further develop my CV. There were plenary sessions on important leadership skills, including public speaking, leading teams and navigating gender dynamics. The conference also helped to focus on vision planning for career goals, and offer assistance in meeting these goals.”