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CHS Faculty Appointment & Promotion Requirements

Requirements for Appointment/Promotion for Active Faculty at each rank

Promotion requires a traditional balance of activities: scholarship, education, professional practice and service.


Tenured appointments/promotions do not require reappointment.

There should be a five year minimum before promotion from junior to senior ranks and between senior ranks.

Requirements for Appointment/Promotion for Non-Primary (Adjunct, Visiting or Emeritus) and Joint Faculty Appointments at CHS

  • No path for promotion. Appointments are non-tenured and limited.
  • Adjunct and visiting ranks should be appointed to reflect the faculty member’s rank at their primary institution
  • Joint appointment should match the rank of the primary appointment (whether active or adjunct) in respective department/college at RUSH University
  • Emeritus rank reflects the last senior rank faculty member held at RUSH prior to emeritus appointment