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Rush Medical College Faculty Ranks

Active Faculty with Primary Appointments at Rush

Ranks Available:

Rank Term
Instructor Up to two years
Assistant Professor Up to three years
Associate Professor Indefinite
Professor Indefinite

Active ​​​​​senior appointments are tenured (associate professor & professor)

Promotion requires a traditional balance of activities: research, education, clinical practice and service

Faculty with Non-Primary Appointments at Rush

Faculty members whose engagement with Rush University/RMC is limited

Ranks Available:

Rank Type Ranks


(initial appointment to adjunct rank can be held for one year; subsequent reappointments can be up to three year terms)

Adjunct Instructor
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Adjunct Associate Professor
Adjunct Professor


(term of up to one year)

Visiting Instructor
Visiting Assistant Professor
Visiting Associate Professor
Visiting Professor


(Indefinite term)

Associate Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus 

All Non-Primary Appointments are non-tenured and limited; they are not eligible for promotion

Joint Appointments

A Faculty member may hold joint appointments at Rush University, but there may be only one "home" or primary appointment and both appointments must be at the same rank (Rules for Governance - approved May 26, 2017). Any adjunct ranks given as joint appointments should be at the same level as the primary appointment.