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Foreign Influence and Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars and scientists are an asset to an institution of higher learning and their contributions are recognized and appreciated. Proper procedures must be maintained to ensure appropriate oversight of visiting scholars and scientists. RUSH must obtain information from these individuals prior to engaging in collaborative activities at RUSH. Strict adherence to the onboarding process for visiting scholars and scientists ensures that foreign interference and influence will not occur.

There are important considerations to make prior to working with visiting scholars or scientists, as well as students, post-doctoral associates, and others.

What should occur:

  • If visiting scholars or scientists will have volunteer status, they must be onboarded and credentialed through the RUSH Volunteer Office. Other departmental onboarding may be required.
  • Visiting scholars or scientists should have a written agreement in place which includes scope of work, Data Use Agreement, and/or a Material Transfer Agreement when applicable.
  • All contracts and/or agreements pertaining to sponsorship of visiting scholars and others from a foreign country must be reviewed, approved, and executed by RUSH Legal.

Questions on the visiting scholar/scientist can be directed to RUSH University Compliance.