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Conflicts of Interest Disclosure of Foreign Interests, Relationships and Commitment

RUSH's policies, External Relationships and Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research and Conflicts of Interest and Commitment, address the requirements regarding reporting of conflicts of interest. Foreign engagements have raised U.S. government concerns regarding inappropriate influence on individuals at domestic research institutions and/or institutions of higher education. Foreign interference and/or foreign financial relationships can pose conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment. Unauthorized foreign involvement might compromise or appear to compromise an individuals' institutional obligations and impair objectivity as a researcher, faculty, administrator or student. Public Health Service (PHS) agencies have additional reporting requirements to disclose these relationships. Learn more on the RUSH Sponsored Projects Administration website.

Disclosures of foreign relationships is required as part of the disclosure process and includes:

  • Professional affiliation, including employment arrangements and/or positions and scientific appointments with a foreign source/entity
  • Receipt of compensation (income) from a foreign resource or entity
  • Foreign grant support to assess conflicts of commitment
  • Receiving foreign in-kind resources, which includes visiting scholars, students, supplies, laboratory space, materials, and equipment
  • Participation in foreign talent programs

Information on how to disclose these activities can be found at the RUSH Conflict of Interest Office website.