Global Health


Extending a hand…primary care work in the Dominican Republic

Rush University promotes involvement in voluntary global health initiatives that allow our students, residents, fellows, faculty and staff to bring their skills to populations in need and grow as health care professionals.



Student may participate in RISE, the global health symposium, primary care and surgical trips as well as the M4 elective.


Resident may participate in individualized tracks, the global health symposium, as well as primary care and surgical trips.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff may participate in the global health symposium as well as primary care and surgical trips.


The office offers opportunities for students, residents, faculty and staff to volunteer on service trips.  To see our participant needs, visit either the surgical or primary care pages.


Thanks to COVID 19, the subject of vaccination is now the stuff of cocktail party repartee. “Antibodies,” “flatten the curve,” and “spike protein” are household terms. But how much do you really know about the history of vaccination, diseases eradicated by vaccination, and the on-going battle for equity in vaccine distribution? The ninth annual Global Health Symposium will strive to address these issues. Please join us March 21-24, 2022 and learn from both local specialists as well as colleagues from the WHO and UNICEF. 
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