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Surgical Service Trips

RUSH volunteer performing surgery

Photo by Sebastian Kowalski

General Info

In 2005, a group of volunteers in various clinical specialties formed a partnership with the community of Peralta, Dominican Republic. In 2010, a similar partnership was formed in Jerusalem, a resettlement community outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The mission is to provide manpower, supplies, medications, training and encouragement to communities with the goal of helping these communities become empowered and positioned to offer independent and sustainable care. In addition to clinical work, Rush volunteers have also been involved in development of water purification and distribution, revenue from which supports operations in the partner clinics.

What is it?

Partnering with local physicians and surgeons, our teams provide much needed surgical services. Specialties include general surgery (90*), orthopedics (70*), urology (60*), pelvic reconstruction  (40*), ENT (90*), and plastics (20*).  Currently, there are approximately  five surgical care trips a year. Residency programs include ENT, orthopedics and urology. *Approximate cases per year.


Where is it?

Dominican Republic:

Azua, a city located approximately two hours northwest of Santo Domingo.

San Juan, a city located approximately three hours northwest of Santo Domingo.

Lodging depends on surgical site. Typical accommodations include a modest hotel or guest house. Expect shared rooms, access to WIFI, and occasionally hot showers.

When is it?

Surgical Trip Dates
Orthopedic September 28 - October 5, 2024
ENT November 1-7, 2024
Orthopedic February 1-8, 2025
Uro/Peds Uro February 15-22, 2025
ENT March 8-15, 2025
Gyn/General Surgery May/June 2025


Who can participate?

Teams are comprised of attending staff, residents, medical students, pharmacists, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, physician's assistants, psychotherapists, nurses and support staff.

How do I get credit?

Fourth year medical students can participate in two ways:

  • Volunteer (take vacation time and participate on a trip)
  • Receive credit-to receive credit, students must meet with Dr. Aziz, be accepted into the M4 elective, and then are able to participate on a trip.  Please review full criteria for M4 elective prior to committing.

How much is it?

Team members are responsible for paying for airfare (varies), trip insurance ($50-$80), and a $1450 logistics fee (which covers lodging, meals, ground transportation, and administrative fees).

Students, residents, nurses, and support staff may be eligible for travel scholarships contingent on the availability of funds. Employees are eligible to apply for partial reimbursement using LEAP funds.

Information Packets & Resources

Interested in participating?

Want to participate on a trip, please email to submit interest.