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Technology Orientation for New Students

Welcome to RUSH University! The Digital & Information Services team is excited to welcome you to the RUSH community and support your learning through technology.

Guides and Resources

Learning Remotely at RUSH – Find out the fundamentals of remote learning at RUSH: how you'll attend classes, take exams and connect with classmates.

E-Learning Guide for Students – This guide contains more in-depth information about commonly-used programs like Blackboard and Zoom, among others. It also has information about accessing RUSH University Library services online.

RUSH University Technology Overview – Find out all about the technology used at RUSH University from recommended hardware, to Office 365, to required authentication security software.

Technology Frequently Asked Questions

The Technology Frequently Asked Questions section below covers many of the frequently asked questions that new students have about RUSH University’s systems.

When will I gain access to RUSH University’s systems?

Initial system access is provided to students who are formally admitted to a RUSH University program and for students-at-large. This access is provided within two weeks of being admitted.

What systems will I be able to access?

Students are provided access to the following systems within two weeks of being formally admitted:

RUSH University Portal

Secure portal where you can:

  • View the status of your financial aid application
  • Review your financial aid award and accept or reject what is being offered
  • Register for classes
  • Confirm your tuition charges and pay your bill online
  • Submit updates to your mailing address
  • Provide emergency contact information
  • View campus news and events

RUSH email and Office 365 Applications

Your RUSH email account is where you will receive all official communication from RUSH University. It is important to review your inbox regularly.

  • Your RUSH email account and all Microsoft Office applications are accessible from the same location.
  • You will receive access to the online learning management system and other critical systems as they become available for students.

How will I find out how to access these systems?

You will receive an email in the personal email account that you used on your application for admission. This email will direct you to a secure application where you can download your account information, including your RUSH network username, temporary password and RUSH email account.  

After downloading your account information, you will be directed to to reset your password. Once your password is reset, you can access the RUSH University Portal, RUSH email and Office 365 applications.

When will students have access to courses in Blackboard and Canvas? 

Students will be able to access their courses on the start date of the course unless the instructor makes it available earlier.

How do I know whether my course is being taught in Blackboard or Canvas? 

Your instructor will send you a welcome email telling you whether your course is in Blackboard or in Canvas. If you do not receive this email, please contact your instructor. 

If you haven’t received a welcome email from your faculty, you can download and check this list of courses and which learning management system the courses will be taught for FA21 semester.

For additional information on RUSH University’s transition to Canvas, please visit this webpage Canvas Information for Students.

How do I access Zoom? 

All RUSH students have access to a basic Zoom account. You can access your Zoom account at

Is it possible to have Duo on a phone, a laptop and an iPad? Or does the account only allow for one device?

You can download the app on mobile devices only (phone or tablet). It is recommended to use one device only because the “send me a push” option will be sent to the last known device used.

You can, however, call 3CLAS (312-563-2527) in the event you need to change your number, activate Duo on a new device or send a passcode to another device should you have any issues.

Where do you find the barcode to scan to add Duo to your phone, iPad, etc.?

The barcode can be found on the webpage when you first register for Duo.

Once you log in with your RUSH username and password, you will be prompted to register a device.

After registering your device, the QR code will be displayed on your computer screen.

Do I have to download Citrix to my Mac/Windows computer in order to have access to 

Citrix Workspace is the application needed to access all applications hosted within RUSH University’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. 

You will need to have Citrix Workspace installed on your device to open any application available on

Which Citrix App do we download? 

Can a VDI be installed on a tablet, or can it only be installed on a laptop/PC? 

Yes. VDI can be installed on a tablet, PC, or MacOS device. VDI refers to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, which hosts a variety of virtual applications including your virtual Windows 10 Desktop (commonly referred to as My RUSH PC).

In order to access any of the applications within VDI, you must install the Citrix Workspace application on that device. You can access VDI (which hosts My RUSH PC) on any device that has an internet connection, a modern web browser and (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge) can have Citrix Workspace installed on.

Once the Citrix Workspace is installed on your device, you can access My RUSH PC through All the applications from this page will open so long you have Citrix Workspace installed on the device.

How do I print my documents?

All RUSH University students will have the ability to print wirelessly either from campus or at a remote location.

  • Printers are available in the (5th fl) Library, (7th fl) Study Space, (9th fl) METC & (9th fl) Student Lounge ​
    • Students will need to badge into the print kiosks on campus and release jobs​ in order for the printer queue to print your documents
  • Connect with cloud printing from a web browser via​
    • Submit print jobs via Web Print option ​
    • Add funds to your account​
  • Cloud Printers are automatically added to all student VDI profiles
  • Cost per page​
    • $0.10 black and white print jobs​
    • $0.50 color print jobs
  • All students will have $20 of funds added to their accounts
  • Cloud printing via PaperCut can be accessed anywhere via
    • Login with your RUSH login and Password

You can find detailed user information at the Cloud Printing User Guide.

How can I create a ticket with University Information Services (3CLAS)? 

The University Information Services office, also referred to as 3CLAS, is open Monday through Thursday from 7 am to 7 pm, and Fridays from 7 am to 5 pm.

You can call at 312-563-2527 or send an email to

How do we get a username for the MyApps login? 

Your username is the same one provided to you by RUSH within two weeks of your acceptance to RUSH University. Most usernames are in the following format, first initial and up to seven characters of your last name (for shorter and common last names, numbers may be added at the end of your username ex: clewis34). If you’re unable to locate your username, please contact 312-563-2527 or send an email to for assistance.

I am having difficulty accessing my accounts. Who can I contact for help?

That depends on what you are trying to access.

When your initial system access is ready, you will receive an email at the personal email account that you used on your application for admission. This email will direct you to a secure application where you can download your account information.

A portion of the password that you will use to access this portal includes the four numbers of a phone number you provided on your application for admission. Please try all phone numbers you might have used. This is the most common issue that students experience when trying to download their account information.

If you still cannot access this secure application, please send an email to for assistance. Please provide as much detail as you can, and screen grabs where applicable.

For all other technical issues with any other system, please contact the Information Services Help Desk ( or (312) 563-CLAS).

Download and print the technology FAQ.

Get help

If you have technology questions, email or call (312) 563-2527.