Chicago – My Kind of Town

Welcome to Chicago, the third-largest city in the United States.

Chicago is a celebrated melting pot.
Chicago is a city in a garden.
Chicago is a city with Pride.
Chicago is a biking city.
Chicago is a foodie destination.
Chicago is a city for sports fans.
Chicago is home.

Chicago – My Kind of Town

“My Kind of Town” is a song recorded on April 8, 1964, by the melodious and smooth voice of the one and only Frank Sinatra. Although the lyrics of this song describe the style, life, and spontaneity of Chicago 56 years ago, today, those same characteristics have been improved, redesigned, and structured to show that Chicago is one of the dominant metropolises in the Midwestern United States. As time goes by, Chicago keeps getting better and better with age and has no intention of slowing down.

The meat and potatoes of Chicago are found in its lavishly diverse neighborhoods filled with a diversity of aromatic languages, cultures, religions, and ethnicity, which can be seen throughout its neighborhoods and outstanding architecture.  

Experience Chicago

There are numerous ways to experience Chicago first hand; if the weather is nice, you can check out some of the best Chicago attractions by Segway scooter or walking. The Chicago Riverwalk is a 1.25-mile path of treasured natural amenity in the urban canyon of Chicago’s world-famous architecture. Millennium Park looks its best when trees take on their red and orange hues. On the other hand, if you prefer to view the breathtaking foliage in an enclosed atmosphere, you can check out Garfield Park Conservatory.

Holidays in Chicago

Chicago offers many coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, breweries, cafes, bakeries, and pie shops. The city is home to some of the best brands in the business. Chicago’s events cover all seasons and holidays. It offers a bucket list in the summer, packed with numerous activities, concerts, theaters, and festivals, like exploring the city’s most beautiful beaches, or you can scope out the best rooftops and patios. In the fall, you can shop for handmade goods at Renegade Craft Fair or take a trip to Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood to have a bite of decadent handmade confections from The Fudge Pot. They’ve been in business in Chicago since 1963 with four generations of candy making. Oh, how sweet it is. Chicago throws an amazing Halloween party, and you might want to check out Lincoln Park Zoo’s Zoolight winter holiday display.