Rush Students for Choice


Rush Students for Choice (RSFC) engages with the Rush community to highlight the importance of reproductive justice. Through trainings and educational workshops, we explore the intersectionality of human rights and abortion as well as topics including intimate partner violence, sexual health, trans health, and full-spectrum reproductive care.

One of the greatest obstacles to safe, legal abortion is an absence of trained providers. RSFC believes that abortion and reproductive health care must be a part of standard medical training and practice. We are committed to ensuring that medical practitioners are informed and prepared to provide their patients with the full range of reproductive health care choices. RSFC is open to all members of the Rush community who want to establish a compassionate approach to these sensitive areas of health care practice.

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Contact Information

President: Eleanor Clifford
Lead Event Planner: Adam November
Nursing Students for Sexual and Reproductive Health Chair: Trista Reynolds
Medical Students for Choice Chair: Kathleen Maher
Advisor: Sloane York, Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology