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Social Work Certificate


Our goal is to offer a well-rounded certificate training program for social workers at all career levels. 

The program will prepare students to advance health equity as part of interprofessional teams within diverse health settings.

Our Approach

The department was established to provide an academic home for social workers at RUSH and advance RUSH’S efforts to promote health equity.

Social workers at RUSH have earned a national reputation for innovation in the field through the Center for Health and Social Care Integration at RUSH.

Social workers at RUSH have served as faculty in various courses and roles at the University.

In the future, we will offer specialized certificates, courses and fellowships for already licensed social workers. We hope to further incorporate social work expertise across disciplines.


Our vision is that social workers are fully integrated into health practice and education in order to provide high-quality, whole-person care; improve health; conduct meaningful research; and advance health equity.


Our mission is to prepare and empower social workers to effectively leverage their expertise and skill set within health practice and education.

Our innovative educational initiatives integrate evidence-based best practices, research and clinical expertise to provide a well-rounded experience for learners and maximize our impact on practice change.

So much of what social workers do helps to address disparities and mitigate areas of social risk that can influence overall health and well-being.

– Robyn Golden, LCSW, Chair, Department of Social Work

Social Work Career Opportunities

Social workers help address disparities in health care and mitigate areas of social risk that can affect health and well-being.

Social Work Faculty