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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Vascular Ultrasound Admissions

Program Prerequisites

The prerequisite courses below must be completed with a grade of C or better at a regionally accredited college or university prior to starting at RUSH.  

You can apply to the program without all of these courses completed. If accepted, you must complete all prerequisite courses prior to starting the program in the fall.  

Please note that this is a competitive program, so it is best to have completed most or all of the prerequisite courses when you apply. 

  Semester Hours Quarter Hours

Two courses in communications
English composition is required.
The second course may be in composition, speech or another communication topic.

6 9

One course in mathematics
College algebra or higher level math is required. Course must be completed within the last ten years. More math courses are highly recommended.

Introductory algebra, elementary algebra, elements of algebra, intermediate algebra, statistics or business math do not fulfill this requirement. This is not a comprehensive list of ineligible courses. For questions, email the CHS admissions office.

3 4

Two courses in life sciences
Human anatomy & physiology is required. Two semesters are highly recommended. The courses must be completed within the last ten years.

The second course may be in anatomy, biology, microbiology, pathophysiology, physiology or another life science topic.

6 9

One course in physical sciences
General physics is required. This physics course must be a course that is intended for science majors. The course must be completed within the last ten years. Please email the CHS admissions office if you have a question about which particular physics courses will cover this prerequisite from your college.

3 4
One course in social sciences
(i.e. government, history, political science, psychology or sociology)
3 4

One course in the humanities
(i.e. ethics, fine arts, literature or philosophy)

Ethics is highly recommended. Performance courses do not meet this requirement.

3 4
Elective courses in communications, computer science, ethics, fine arts, humanities, life sciences, literature, philosophy, physical sciences or social sciences to total 36 semester or 56 quarter hours 36 56
Total hours of required and elective courses 60 90

Admissions requirements

We select students based on a number of factors, including the following: 

  • A minimum of 60 semester or 90 quarter hours of regionally accredited college or university credit completed prior to starting the at RUSH 
    • Credits may be in progress at the time of application 
  • A recommended minimum overall GPA of 2.75 out of 4.0 

How to Apply to the Bachelor of Science in Vascular Ultrasound Program

Take the following steps to apply:

  • Complete an application using the Allied Health Centralized Application Service (AHCAS).
  • You will also need the following ready to submit to AHCAS:
    • Official transcripts from every U.S. college or university attended.
    • International course evaluations for all coursework completed outside the United States.
    • Three professional recommendations.
      • References should be from current or former academic advisers, professors or employers (your direct manager/supervisor).
      • Recommendations from co-workers, high school teachers/advisers, family members and friends are not accepted.
    • Personal statement (essay).
  • Submit Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores if your native language is not English.
  • Qualified applicants participate in a personal interview with department faculty.

Apply Now

Contact Our Admissions Office

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