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Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Admissions

Program Prerequisites

Internship programs

For the internship program, previous theological/spiritual education or ministry experience is preferred. 

Residency program

Graduate-level theological/spiritual/philosophical education is preferred. 

For additional program details please contact program director Christy Howard-Steele at

Admission Requirements

Openness to diversity is an essential aspect of our philosophy and contributes to a rich learning environment for students and faculty.  

We will not discriminate against any individual for reasons of race, gender, age, faith group, national origin, sexual orientation or physical disability.  

Equal access to our educational programs will be extended to all qualified candidates.

This policy notwithstanding, all students accepted into the program must be able to, with reasonable accommodation, physically perform the duties outlined in their resident or intern position description.  

Formal admissions criteria and processes vary according to the level and duration of the particular program. Such admissions requirements and procedures are in compliance with ACPE standards. 

How to Apply to the Clinical Pastoral Education Program 

Visit the ACPE website to apply. 

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