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Master of Science (MS) in Clinical Nutrition Admissions

Program Prerequisites

You must complete the following prerequisite courses to be considered for admission: 

  • At least one course in biochemistry* 
  • At least one course in physiology* 
  • At least one course in nutrition 
  • At least one course in statistics 

*Two semesters of general chemistry and one semester of organic chemistry are typically the prerequisites for biochemistry. The prerequisite for physiology is an introductory biology course. 

Transfer credits

You may be able to transfer credit hours of applicable graduate credit from another accredited university. To transfer credits, you must receive a B grade or better and get approval from the supervisory committee. 

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Admission requirements

A bachelor’s degree from a college or university is required to be considered for admission.

How to Apply to the Clinical Nutrition (MS) Program

Complete the following steps to apply:

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