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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Health Sciences Curriculum

Program Objectives

We believe our students will become future stewards of health sciences. They will be worthy of being entrusted as guardians of the vitality, quality and integrity of their field.  

Toward this goal, we teach the highest levels of competence and integrity in education, leadership and research.  

We provide professional development and research mentoring by established scholars across the continuum of health sciences. 

The underlying educational philosophy of the program is grounded in a triad of learner-centered thought:  

  • Progressivism in which the learners’ experiences, needs and interests are explored and fostered 
  • Reconstructionism in which the learners see their growth applied to real-world problems 
  • Existentialism by which learners are challenged to own their future and become leaders in the evolution of health care 

Graduation Requirements

Our Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Health Sciences program requires 54 credit hours to complete. 

As a full-time student, you will complete formal courses by the end of the third year. Then you will need to pass a comprehensive examination on fundamental principles related to education, leadership and research. 

You will also defend a dissertation proposal for dissertation committee approval.  

For the remainder two years of your graduate training, you will concentrate on your dissertation research and prepare for a final dissertation defense. 

Review the course catalog for our most up-to-date curriculum information. 

Course Curriculum

Leadership core courses

  • HSC - 631 Composition for Effective Professional Writing (Credits: 3) 
  • HSC - 632 Leadership Theory (Credits: 3) 
  • HSC - 633 Leadership in Higher Education (Credits: 3) 
  • HSC - 634 Issues and Trends in Healthcare (Credits: 3) 

Education core courses

  • HSC - 641 Education Theory and Methods (Credits: 3) 
  • HSC - 642 Curriculum and Instruction (Credits: 3) 
  • HSC - 643 The Adult Learner (Credits: 3) 

Research core courses

  • HSC - 652 The Research Process I (Credits: 3) 
  • HSC - 653 The Research Process II (Credits: 3) 
  • HSC - 654 Grantsmanship (Credits: 3) 
  • HSC - 655 Ethical Conduct in Research Settings (Credits: 3) 
  • HSC - 656 The Dissertation Proposal (Credits: 3) 
  • HSC - 651 Advanced Biostatistics (Credits: 3) 

Professional Development

  • HSC - 661 Professional Development I (Credits: 1) 
  • HSC - 662 Professional Development II (Credits: 1) 
  • HSC - 663 Professional Development III (Credits: 1) 

Independent study

  • HSC - 900 Independent Study (Credits: 1-12) 
    This variable credit course is optional. 

Dissertation research

  • HSC - 699 Dissertation Research (Credits: 3) 
    This course will be repeated for a minimum of 12 credit hours. 

Program total: 54 credit hours 

View the current course catalog

Refer to the course catalog for our most up-to-date curriculum information.