Rush Center for Clinical Skills and Simulation

The best way to learn is by doing. But in medicine, a novice can’t simply jump into a complex case. The Rush Center for Clinical Skills and Simulation bridges that gap by offering students, residents, fellows and clinicians state-of-the art simulators, including high-fidelity manikins that breathe, bleed and otherwise simulate just about everything a real human patient would do.


Our simulation center gives trainees and clinicians from across multiple disciplines one place to hone their skills, practice crisis management and conduct research on a wide array of medical circumstances, from the everyday to the rare.

Training takes place in procedure rooms that replicate the real facilities in Rush’s hospital building and utilizes human patient simulators that replicate patient signs, symptoms and conditions. A control room allows faculty to observe the details of the training scenario unfold.

Training sessions are digitally recorded, allowing students to review video of their work in nearby debriefing rooms or to have their work evaluated by others.

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The facility was established in 2002 through the direction of founding members David M. Rothenberg, MD, and Margaret Faut-Callahan, PhD, and a generous bequest from the estate of Alverin M. Cornell. New technology is added regularly. Rush University is also a member of the Chicago Simulation Consortium.

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