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A major focus of the College of Health Sciences is the discovery of new knowledge through research. We believe that our research is impactful due to our multidisciplinary philosophy.


Cardiopulmonary Sciences: Respiratory Care Research

Clinical Nutrition Research

Communication Disorders and Sciences Research

Health Systems Management Research

Medical Laboratory Science Research

Religion, Health and Human Values Research


George Fitchett
Making Research a Part of Spiritual Care
George Fitchett, professor and director of research in the Department of Religion, Health and Human Values at Rush University’s College of Health Sciences, is a pioneer in the effort to use research to assess the effectiveness of spiritual care in hospitals and other health care settings.

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Sandra Gomez-Perez
Ignore the Role of Fat in Health? VAT Chance
Like many of us, Sandra Gomez-Perez, PhD, RD, LDN, is concerned about body fat, especially fat around the abdominal area. For Gomez-Perez, though, the issue isn’t about personal appearance. It’s an important component of disease prevention.

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